Choosing an Animation Style for Your Video

By Andrew Muir November 08, 2016 Video Production
Andrew Muir

Andrew Muir

Andrew is the scriptwriter and storyteller at Basetwo Media, a video production agency in Vancouver that helps businesses get results with video.

When marketers hire a video production agency to make an animated 'explainer' video for their product or service, they often have some visual ideas in mind already – usually a video that they’ve seen before that resonated with them. While it can be good to have some examples as a starting point, it’s important not to base the entire project on a predetermined visual style.

We generally advise keeping an open mind when producing your own animated video. The reason is simple: the style of animation you choose should be the right one for your particular message.

For a quick run-through of what this means, check out this video demonstration.


Part of our process is to help our clients find the right visual fit for their message, which is why we work with them to hone their message before making any broad artistic decisions.

Learn more about this and other important considerations for your animated video in our free Guide to Explainer Videos Ebook.

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