Guide to Wistia Video Hosting

By Jeff Pelletier December 07, 2016 Hosting
Jeff Pelletier

Jeff Pelletier

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Basetwo Media, a video production agency in Vancouver that helps businesses get results with video.

Wistia is a professional video marketing platform which combines hosting, marketing tools, and advanced embedding options and analytics. Unlike YouTube or Vimeo, it’s designed just for embedding videos on your company’s website. It's what we recommend to most of our clients for hosting their business videos.

Our latest interactive guide will help you get started with Wistia, including how to arrange your videos into projects and begin to take advantage of some of its more advanced features.

  • Overview of a Wistia Account
  • Managing Project Folders more Strategically
  • Embedding a Video on your Website
  • Adding Captions/Subtitles to a Video
  • Adding Chapters to a Video

Check out our free Guide to Wistia Video hosting now!

Guide to Getting Started with Wistia Video Hosting