How to Script for the Edit

By Andrew Muir October 25, 2016 Script Writing
Andrew Muir

Andrew Muir

Andrew is the scriptwriter and storyteller at Basetwo Media, a video production agency in Vancouver that helps businesses get results with video.

Everybody knows that scripting is the first major creative step in creating a video, and editing is one of the last. However, even though scripting and editing are on opposite ends of the video production timeline, they’re still part of the same creative process, and ideally they work together in harmony.

One way to do that is to decide on an editing style before writing the script. This is especially important if your video features a spokesperson or a presenter. Knowing when and where a cut will happen is hugely helpful when it comes time to shoot – and it also opens some unexpected creative doors.

Watch this video for a demonstration.


The main takeaway here is that these different editing styles were written into the script. These decisions were made before the video was shot, not in the editing suite.

This approach is not necessary for all videos, but it really shows how good planning can lead to better content, and better results.

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