Is 'Storytelling' Just Another Buzzword?

By Andrew Muir July 25, 2016 Script Writing
Andrew Muir

Andrew Muir

Andrew is the scriptwriter and storyteller at Basetwo Media, a video production agency in Vancouver that helps businesses get results with video.


The word 'storytelling' gets thrown around a lot in marketing and communications circles, and that might lead you to believe that the idea is overblown, maybe even passé. After all, these days there’s no shortage of apparently new and groundbreaking marketing concepts to choose from – often with fuzzy names like 'edutainment and 'brandscaping' (seriously).

So is 'storytelling' simply the marketing trend du jour? Or does it have real substance? For our perspective on this question, check out this short animated film.


Storytelling is not a novelty, nor a marketing fad. It’s a way of communicating an idea – one that arranges ideas in order to construct meaning in a particular way. Unlike many of the frivolous marketing concepts that have come and gone, “storytelling” has a precise definition, and clear utility.

Exactly how you use storytelling depends on the nature of your message. You could use it to communicate an emotion, help someone retain information, or make someone laugh. Whatever your objectives, our advice is to consider the very real opportunity that storytelling has to offer.

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