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3 Considerations When Using Video to Teach

Video has proven itself as a powerful itself as a powerful communications tool, and part of that success lies in its ability to teach. There are many reasons for this, and it perhaps comes as no[...]

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October 18, 2016

Humanizing Your Brand With Staff Bio Videos

In the world of business, video has been surging in popularity. And lately there have emerged some creative uses of video, one of which is the ‘staff bio’ video. They’re a lot of fun to make, but[...]

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October 06, 2016

Using Video for Inbound Marketing and Sales

Video can be a powerful tool to help attract and convert leads, to close prospects, and delight your customers. But for your videos to be effective, they must be contextual, focusing on each stage[...]

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September 08, 2016

5 Reasons Why Videos Should be Platform Specific

Most organizations have caught on to the power of video marketing, but there’s one important consideration that often gets missed: the platforms on which a video will be distributed.

If you stop[...]

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August 23, 2016

3 Tips for a Winning Trade Show Video

Businesses who have already produced a video for some other use will naturally want to leverage this investment by playing the video in their booth at a trade show. While there is certainly no[...]

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August 18, 2016

Using Video to Market Software

Video has become an essential tool in every marketer’s toolkit, but it has shown particular utility for people marketing SaaS (Software as a Service). So what are some best practices for creating[...]

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August 15, 2016

5 Ways to Get Your Video Seen (and How to Measure the Results)

Video has the power to explain complicated concepts and information, to tell stories that help change beliefs, and to influence viewer behaviour. None of this is possible though unless you can get[...]

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July 19, 2016

Getting Strategic with Video: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

As marketing and communications professionals, our work needs to satisfy the long term goals of our organizations. You would never spend money to produce a brochure or to run an online advertising[...]

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November 02, 2015

5 Considerations for Being More Authentic in Your Videos

The concept of authenticity has a long history in the philosophy of art, and its meaning has been the subject of much writing and debate, but it could be thought of roughly as that element of [...]

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August 12, 2015

5 Ways to Use A/B Split Testing to Boost Your Video’s Performance

If you’re not sure whether your video should be long or short, which thumbnail, or what call to action to use, why not setup a controlled experiment to see which one works best?

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June 16, 2015

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